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How to Be a Good Friend for Everyone for a Better Life?

Having good friend must be excellent as you can share anything with them. However, it will take a long time to look for the good ones. Then, why don’t you just be that good person coloring other people’s lives? Being a good friend will make your day amazing as you can gain unlimited happiness seeing people around you happy because of you. In case you do not know how to do so, here are some best tips that you can apply. Enjoy the tips and be a good friend as you want!

  • Tip #1: Be Sensitive To Friends

The first tip is about being sensitive, and it does not mean that you are easy to get insulted, mad, sad, and so on. Sensitive here means that you must understand your friends feeling. In case you think there is something wrong with them, you need to show that you care. In this case, it will be best if you spend time with your friends.

A good conversation will lead them to be open for you. And, your friends will be happy as they get a friend to you. For the best suggestion, you can show up in front of the door with some sweet foods or snacks. No doubt, they will welcome you and realize that you do care about them. When your friends start to talk their problem, you should listen carefully. You should not cut their words and instead, wait for them until they finish their words. Once you do so, you can start showing that you know their feelings.

Sometimes, giving advises is not a must as what your friends need is someone who wants to listen to their problem. Don’t judge them unless you have strong reasons that other people can accept it logically and emotionally. Being a good friend here means that you are there when they need someone to understand. Not the one who listen to their problem just because you are curious and that’s all.

  • Tip #2: Be Serious and Goofy At the Right Time

A good friend is the one who knows when to be serious and when to be goofy. In this case, it is fun to create jokes and sarcasm when you and friends are in a good mood. But, it will be forbidden once they are serious. You need to know the condition and when you have to act, just do it naturally. You do not have to be fun all the time as your friends do not need it. You are their friends not because of you are funny all the time. Even if you have less humor sense, you are still their friends. All you need is to control yourself in every situation. Just never lose control and everything will be alright!

  • Tip #3: Help Your Friends

Everyone must have problems in their life, and you cannot underestimate them. Sometimes, they say they are fine, but in fact, they are not. Mostly, the one who always looks happy seems to get stressed or even depressed. They hide it with smiles just to pretend that they are okay. And once they tell their problem, no matter your condition is, you should listen to them. Once they feel unwanted, they will feel their problem harder. As a result, they will think that no one can understand them. That is why people do suicide nowadays.

It is okay to spend some money, energy, and time to help your friends. If you make them feel wanted, they will appreciate you. Sometimes, they may be at their darkest hours, and here, you cannot leave them. Just pretend that it was you, and you need a friend to accompany you, but no one cares. If you want someone is willing to care about you, first, you have to care about your friends.

  • Tip #4: Have Fun with Friends

Sometimes, life is not about working, studying, and sleeping. You can somehow enjoy your day with your close friends. You do not have to spend much money just to have fun as once you both comfortable with each other; anything will be fun. Not to mention, you can watch movies on your laptop together. Or, you can hang out to some fast food restaurants and share about story of life. So that you know, there is always something surprising in someone’s life. Listen to what they share, and you will learn a lot.

Alight! It is the best four tips for being a good friend. It is 2018, and you do not need to always wait for someone having an angel heart to come to your life. Just be the one that you want someone to be for you. If you're going to have a good friend, then be the good friend. If you want to have someone to care about you, then, care about your friends. Care first, then to be cared, isn’t it that simple, buddy?

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Checkers and Rally’s Spread Free Sandwich and Fries for Customers

Dear Checkers and Rally’s lovers! If you love to enjoy spending your time at Checkers and Rally’s store, you must be happy. It is because Checkers and Rally’s in 2018 offers free sandwich and fries for all customers. If you just visited Checkers and Rally’s restaurant, you must be very lucky. It is because you can enter Checkers and Rally’s Guest Obessed Survey. The most important thing you have to own is a recent Checkers and Rally’s receipt and you can make it. Isn’t it cool?

About GuestObessed Survey

For information, GuestObessed is such an online guest satisfaction survey held by Checkers and Rally’s restaurant. The restaurant has a mission to create a better quality of the products and the service. of course, it is for the sake of Checkers and Rally’s customers. If you want to participate in making a good improvement, you can start visiting

In completing the process of Checkers and Rally’s Survey, you will only need four to sixteen minutes. It is simple and you can make it faster if you have a high-speed internet connection. Once you finish completing GuestObessed Survey, you will gain Checkers and Rally’s Validation Code for the free sandwich. If you want another coupon code, you can continue to do Checkers and Rally’s sign up. It will reward you a coupon for free fries.

Steps for Guest Obessed Survey and Checkers and Rally’s Sign Up

You know that it is such a rare thing for a famous fast food restaurant to spread free foods to the customers. And today, you are going to claim your free foods by following these steps. They are:

Step 1

First of all, you have to own a device that has an internet browser and able to connect to the internet. Go online and visit Wait for your fast internet connection to direct it to Guest Obessed homepage.

Step 2

Once you can see the page, you can start to fill Checkers and Rally’s four-digit store number. It is the GuestObessed Survey Entry Code that we cannot skip. Otherwise, you cannot pass Guest Obessed Login Portal.

Step 3

After that, you can go ahead by filling out the date as well as the time of the visit. There are three columns that you have to fill. And you can find the detail of this one on your Checkers and Rally’s receipt.

Step 4

At this step, you are going to have to answer GuestObessed questions. They will be about your experience during the Checkers and Rally’s store visit.

Step 5

It is an open question and you can either skip it or just answer the Guest Obessed Survey question. You must make it brief as you only get a chance to write less than 1,200 characters. Mention the topic, the date and time, as well as the part of the restaurant that disturbs you.

Step 6

Now, you have finished the survey and able to get Checkers and Rally’s Validation Code. before you continue to take another coupon, you should write down the code on the back of your Checkers and Rally’s receipt.

Step 7

And it is the time when you can start visiting or Click the menu that says “Sign Up Now” at the top of the page. Then, you can start the Checkers and Rally’s member registration.

Step 8

Fill in your personal data such as your full name, your home address, your email address, complete with your mobile phone number.

Step 9

It is going to be a bit complicated as you have to send a Checkers and Rally’s feedback. Yes, just like the survey, you will have to share your opinion about the Checkers and Rally’s store you recently visited.

Step 10

After that, you must fill the data required such as the zip code, city, state, and so on. You should input the data correctly as you will have to verify that you do not send any spam at Checkers and Rally’s Online Feedback Form.

Step 11

Congratulation! Now, you can claim your Checkers and Rally’s coupon for free fries. Just like the first one, you have to save the code whether by writing it down or taking a picture of it.

Step 12

Find the nearest Checkers and Rally’s store where you can redeem the coupon codes for free Checkers and Rally’s sandwich and fries. easily, you can just search Checkers and Rally’s Near Me on search engine. The results then will make a list of the Checkers and Rally’s nearest store locations complete with the hours of operation. You can just show the code to the staff member and they will treat you well.

Alright! It is all about the best tips that you can find in 2018. Getting the free sandwich and fries is so fantastic and moreover if you enjoy them with close friends. Keep your friendship and be happy always!

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5 Smart Steps to Creating The Best Customer Surveys in 2018

Anyone of you has a business and wants to gain more clients, customers, and money? Of course, all of you must have the same dream, to have a successful business. Indeed, you do not need to think far as you can start with a very simple step. The customer survey is the answer that will allow you to improve your business. Through the surveys, you will be able to see whether your customers are happy or not. And it can be the best way for your customers to speak their mind. A happy customer will lead to a great company. And, here you can find out how to make the best customer surveys in 2018!

Tip #1: Start Doing Preliminary Research

Alright! The very beginning part you have to do is to find out the topics you want your customers to write about. For example, you may have a restaurant and in this case, you can put some topics about the products, services, as well as the employees. While setting the topics, you also need to set the goal of the customer survey. In this case, you may need to find out which products have less interest. Or maybe, you want to find out whether the service is already good or not.

As you can see, the customer is the number one priority for each company owners. You cannot underestimate the power of happy customers. Make them write anything they want to speak to the company owner and make them comfortable.

Tip #2: Draft Your Survey Customer Questions

While drafting the customer surveys, you should think about the shoes of the customers. Some of them are working and busy, some of them may have less interest in reading questions. Therefore, it will be wise if you write no more than ten questions. if you visit MabelAndZora, there are some examples of the customer surveys. You can see that most of the questions are about the experience during the visit.

Yes, in this case, you can ask about the cleanliness of the place, the freshness of the foods, and so on. Be specific in creating the questions and give some multiple choices answers in the form of ratings. You can give three to five choices ranging from “disappointed” to “highly satisfied”. Or, you can also create “yes or no” questions to help the customers answer easily.

Tip #3: Offers Customer Surveys Rewards and Prizes

Your customers come from various personalities and hobbies. Not all customers are willing to participate in the surveys program you hold. They think it does not give any advantages to them. Well, you can start offering instant rewards and prizes, or offer them sweepstakes with a higher level of prizes.

For the example, you can visit MabelAndZora that offers customer surveys prizes starting from $5 to $2,500 cash and gift cards. Of course, at a glance, the customers will fall in love in give it a try. The best one you can try is to create a survey sweepstakes with $3 to $20 gift card. You will not lose big on the money you offer as the prize will come back to your business. It is because the gift card can only be used in your company. Isn’t it smart?

Tip #4: Set Up Your Survey Professionally Interesting

Now it is the time for you to take the action! Of course, you can create your own customer surveys program as long as you know how to do so. There are some applications that you can use to create an online customer survey such as Google Docs. Yes, it is free and very easy to use.

In designing the online customer survey, you have to create a website that has a specific domain. For example, your business name is “fast food” and you can name your survey program with “TellFastFood” or “LetFastFoodKnow”, or maybe Fast Food “Customer Satisfaction Survey”. it will make your customers familiar with your survey program. And for the best choice, you can hold the program each year or every six months.

At the customer survey homepage, you need to give a greeting first such as “Welcome to “Fast Food Survey” and “Get $20 gift card”. You can also set a survey login portal by using a recent receipt given when your customers spend money on your company. By using that survey code, only your customer is able to pass the portal. And here, you will not miss your target.

Also for the best suggestion, you need to give a statement that you care about the customers. anything they want to speak, they can write it down on the survey page. For this reason, you can create an open question where the customers are able to write down their mind about your company. In short, make the customers feel that you care about them and they will give the best feedback for your company.

Tip #5: Publicize Your Customer Survey To Your Customers

There are some media that you can use in order to publicize your customer survey program. They are such as:

  • Your Company Receipt

In this case, it is best to create a website special for the restaurant or the survey program. Attach the link of the address on the receipt of the transaction. And, whenever the customers do the transaction, you can ask your staff member to show the link printed on the receipt.

  • Your Company Official Website

It means that you also need to create an official website for your company. Then, you can attach an announcement about the survey sweepstakes program that offers fresh money or gift card. To make the customers aware, you can add the link to the official website at the banner of your company, brochure, and so on.

  • Professional Website like MabelAndzora

You can also use a service of a website that focuses on providing the information about customer surveys portals. And seriously, you need to try to visit MabelAndZora and you will wonder how cool the samples of the customer surveys held by famous companies and restaurants. Some of them offer an iPad, $500 cash, and so on. The way the website owner writes the articles about the customer surveys is good to imitate. The website does create a good standard for promoting the customer survey programs.

So, enjoy exploring the samples of professional customer surveys and get the advantages as much as you can. Start practicing what you have learned and good luck with your business, fellas!

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Papasurvey – Fill a Papa Survey and Get a Papa Murphy’s Discount Coupon

Hello everyone! Do you like pizza? Have you tried a slice of pizza from Papa Murphy’s? If you have tasted some, there is good news for you. Now, there is an online survey called Papasurvey that can give you redeemable products you can get on your next visit. Interested to participate?

What is Papasurvey?

You can only access Papa Murphy’s survey through online. There is no paper form for this survey. The restaurant also doesn’t provide you a computer to fill the survey. The survey has a purpose to serve the customers better. Because in that survey, there are many questions about Papa Murphy’s restaurant. This could be a way for them to understand what their customers want. Not only that, you can also tell them your issues or problem you ever get in the restaurant. The questions are about anything about the restaurant such as the hygiene, taste, products, and service. The survey just takes you about 5 minutes to 10 minutes to complete and will give a redeemable code as an appreciation of your participation.

Things You Need for Papasurvey Customer Satisfaction Survey

As mentioned above, there is no paper form provided by the restaurant for you. To participate in this survey, you have to prepare all the things on your own. So, these are the things you need to participate in the survey:

  • A Device

The first thing you need is a device. It could be a laptop, computer, notebook or smartphone. You will need the device to access the survey page.

  • Internet Access

Then, you need an internet access of course. Without this, you would not be able to load any website

  • Current Papa Murphy’s Receipt

The last thing you need is the receipt. It is because the questions in the survey are designed for customers only. You will be asked for a store number that is printed on the receipt before you can start filling the survey as well.

How to Fill the Papasurvey Guest Satisfaction Survey?

Just like other surveys, Papa Murphy’s also provide you with short directions for you. However, those directions might not enough for you. Or maybe, you don’t have a receipt to enter Papa Murphy survey and you want to see the steps first before you buy something from them. This complete guide will help you to fully understand the steps to complete the survey. These are the correct steps to fill the survey:

  • Step 1

The first thing you need to do is open the official survey website at

  • Step 2

After that, there are two options for you. The first one is to enter the store number, and the second one is to search by zip/postal code. Choose one that is fit for you. If you have a receipt completely with a store number, you can use the first one. If you don’t have it, you can choose the second option. If you choose the second one, you have to find the restaurant you have visited using zip code and also fill the time when you were visiting it.

  • Step 3

After you filled those things, you will be directed to the survey page which gives you a bunch of questions about your experience in Papa Murphy’s. You just need to answer the Papasurvey questions honestly. Your honest feedback is very valuable for their improvements in the future.

  • Step 4

After that, you will be asked whether you want to give some comments or just continue. If you choose to give a comment, then you will be given a blank column to fill whatever you want to tell them. For example, you have some issues with the taste or you ever met the unfriendly staff. You can tell everything in this column.

  • Step 5

After that, you will be given a Papasurvey redemption code. Don’t forget to write it down because you might forget the code someday. You can use Papasurvey code on your next visit. The redeemable products or discount could be varied depends on Papa Murphy’s.

Papasurvey Survey Sweepstakes Rules

To participate in this survey, you have to follow these rules:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must give your contact details
  • The redeemable code only can be used once
  • The receipt only valid until 30 days since your visit
  • You can’t use the code you get along with other discounts
  • You can’t exchange the discount for cash

About Papa Murphy’s Restaurant

Papa Murphy’s is a big pizza company which has more than 1.300 restaurants all over the world. Papa Murphy’s also allows you to choose and create your own pizza toppings which consist of crust, sauce, size, meat, vegetable, and cheese. Papa Murphy’s also support with online orders.

Papa Murphy’s Customer Service and Headquarter

Some customers prefer to tell them your issues directly instead of telling the staff in the restaurant. It is good news for you because Papa Murphy’s provides you their phone number.

  • Papa Murphy’s Phone Number: 1-844-620-2501
  • Papa Murphy’s Headquarter: Vancouver, Washington

I wish you can fill survey and redeem your Papa Murphy’s discount. Best of luck guys!

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The List of Clothing and Footwear Retailer Surveys

Clothing becomes the primary need of every person. Most people will go shopping for the new clothes at least once a month. No doubt, clothing manufacturers, and retailers grow very fast. There are many clothing retailers around us. They provide the wide range of clothing brands. This way, you can have many choices of apparel products. Besides, their collections are also complete. They sell the clothing products for women, men, as well as kids.

In order to complete the appearance, people also look for the stylish footwear. Trust me; even we only have two feet, we will have more than two pairs of shoes. Moreover, usually, women purchase the shoes as their collection. They do not only buy the shoes for the usage. But, they collect the shoes based on the model and color. Besides, for men, they tend to collect the shoes for sport. No doubt, they will often visit the sportswear retailers to hunt the newest edition of sports shoes. For instance, they like to visit Nike, Footlocker, or Academy Sports.

Most of the clothing and footwear retailers sell the high-end brands. As a result, the price of the products is high. As the customers, you should find the way to get the lower price. If shopping is your hobby, you will be smart to search some coupons. This way, you can get the discount and purchase the items you want at the low price. So, how can you get the discount coupon from the clothing and footwear retailers? The way to get this coupon is very easy. What you need to do is only taking part in a short survey. Some retailers create the online surveys in order to observe the customers’ satisfaction. But, these surveys are just for the customers of the stores. To participate in this survey, usually, the customers must have the recent receipt from the certain shop.

So, what clothing and footwear stores do provide this kind of survey? Listed below are some retailers who offer customers satisfaction surveys. You can involve in their surveys if you have the receipt from the recent purchase. Then, you can get the reward for your participation. The rewards offered by each store vary. Some stores offer the discount for the next purchase. Besides, other stores offer the gift card as the sweepstake reward. Here are some apparel and footwear retailers which offer the surveys.

  1. Payless

People will decide to go to the certain shoe store based on some factors. They will consider the price, various styles of the shoes, and the service.  If you search the footwear store which offers the low price and wide range of shoe selections, you can go to Payless. As like its name, Payless offers the low price for the shoe products. No doubt, people recognize Payless as the largest discount footwear retailer. Headquartered in Kansas, this footwear retailer can expand its chains worldwide. That is why we can find Payless not only in the United States but also in many other countries.

Payless can spread around the world since it offers the low price and the excellent service. This store always makes sure whether every customer is satisfied with the shopping experience. Hence Payless creates an online survey called TellPayless. This survey enables Payless to identify the shoppers’ satisfaction level. As a result, Payless can evaluate the areas that need to improve. If you want a coupon from Payless, you should participate in this survey. After completing TellPayless, you will get a validation code. The amount of Payless discount will vary. Usually, you can receive 5%-10% off. This way, you can purchase your dream shoes at the lower price.

  1. T.J.Maxx

TJ Maxx is the well-known department store. In this store, you can shop the clothing or apparel products. This retailer provides the branded products for women, men, and children. Besides, you also can purchase the decoration products, footwear, bag, etc. Although TJ Maxx offers the various products from the famous brands, these products are affordable. As a result, TJ Maxx has many loyal shoppers. Then, this store also has more than 1000 outlets in the US. This company is also successful to expand the stores in UK, Germany, Ireland, and Austria.

In order to maintain the shoppers’ satisfaction, TJ Maxx creates a survey named TJMaxxFeedback. This survey is the way to collect the feedback from TJMaxx customers. For the customers, TJMaxxFeedback is their media to connect to the company. They are free to voice up any thought, suggestion, or complaint. Besides, TJMaxx will be happy to receive the customers’ opinion. It is because TJMaxx can improve the service based on the customers’ suggestion. To thank the customers, TJMaxx invites the survey takers to enter TJMaxxFeedback sweepstakes. If you win this sweepstake, you will receive TJMaxx gift cards valued $500.

  1. Nike.

Everyone will be familiar with this sportswear brand. Nike is well known for its sportswear products such as shoes, apparel, and equipment. This brand is very popular throughout the world. No doubt, there are more than 1000 Nike stores worldwide. As the leading sports brand, Nike always maintains the quality of the products. Besides, Nike also always innovates to provide the stylish apparel and footwear product. This way, the customers will be loyal to use Nike products. No doubt, they will look forward the newest products from this brand.

As like other footwear retailers, Nike also has a survey. Nike invites all customers to take MyNikeVisit survey. MyNikevisit informs Nike company about how satisfied the customers after shopping at Nike store. Besides, MyNikevisit also tells about the complaints, suggestions, and other feedback from the customers. This way, Nike can be aware of their weakness. So, in the future, Nike can provide the better service a well as the sportswear products. If you are the real fans of this brand, you should not miss MyNikevisit. It is because taking part in Nike survey enables you to receive $10 gift card. All survey takers will get this $10 Nike coupon. This way, on your next visit to Nike store, you can purchase the products with this gift card.

  1. Acedemy Sports and Outdoors.

Academy Sports and Outdoor is one of the biggest sportswear retailers. It sells the footwear as well as the outdoor clothes. Besides, Academy Sports also provides outdoor activity equipment. Based in Texas, Academy Sports has more than 225 retail chains. You will be able to find this store in Oklahoma, Alabama, Texas, Georgia, and many other big cities. This store becomes the favorite place to shop sportswear products. It is because Academy Sports offers the convenient shopping experience. The place is very comfortable. Besides, it also provides the helpful customer service. No doubt, many customers are happy to go shopping at this store.

In order to keep the customers’ loyalty, this store also has a customer satisfaction survey. After you visit this sportswear store, you can participate in Academy Sports survey. However, this survey is only for 18-year-old customers. By taking Academy Sports survey, you can express your shopping feedback. For instance, you can give your opinion about the service given by Academy Sports store attendants. After completing Academy Sports survey, you can have a chance to enter the monthly drawing. Then, as the reward, Academy Sports provide $1000 gift card.

  1. Foot Locker

Foot Locker is also the popular footwear retailer. This store is not only famous in the US, but also in other countries. For instance, you can find Foot Locker chains in Europe, Canada, Australia, Puerto Rico, and New Zealand. Foot Locker operates its business in more than 20 countries. No doubt, there are over 1900 stores worldwide. Foot Locker can serve a large number of customers every day. It is because Foot Locker can provide the high-quality of footwear and sports products for everyone. For instance, this retailer has Kids Foot Locker and Lady Foot Locker.

Foot Locker always considers what the customers expect. Therefore, it invites the customers to take FootLockerSurvey. When you take part in Foot Locker Survey, you can say everything about this footwear retailer. For example, you can share your suggestion to improve the quality of this store. Besides, you can express any complaints or praise related to your shopping experience at Foot Locker. As the appreciation for the survey takers, Foot Locker will give you $10 coupon. But, to claim this discount, you should purchase any product at least $50.

Those are some footwear and clothing retailers which offer the coupon. But, make sure that you take part in their surveys if you want to grab the coupon. You can visit keliamoniz to get the full explanation about these retailer surveys. At, you can review the steps and rules of TellPayless, Foot Locker Survey, MyNikevisit, and many other surveys.

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